Hung Pham, photographer and globetrotter at Hung On The World, approaches every photoshoot with a sense of artistry and aesthetics honed by a life full of wonder and discovery. After resigning from his career in social services in 2012 to pursue his passion in photography, Hung has traversed the globe to discover the beauty within the world and uncover the creativity within himself.  Along the way, he's been enriched by the planet's natural colors and majestic splendor with a whole new set of eyes. You can't see what he has, or experience what he's been through, without a profound change in your appreciation for the world around you. 

By immersing himself in many cultures and countries, his world-seasoned perspective has developed organically as he's grown both as an artist and a person. His abilities have produced amazing work that made magazine cover and you'll see his unique talent shine through in every photograph. Bring his creative vision to your next project, and see the world in an entirely new light.